The Syndicate: Volume 1

Because geeks have sex lives too...

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The Loose Id ebook and print editions are now out of print, but the text is available as a free download on this site.

The omnibus paperback of The Syndicate: Volumes 1 & 2 is now out of print, but second-hand copies are available online from and Cover price was $12.99.

Reviews of Volume 1 and Volume 2


This is also available as a standalone story on the web here. It is not suitable for children, but does not have any sex-scenes. Unlike the other stories in this sequence, which have a great many.

In which we are introduced to Our Hero and his new colleagues. Allard’s current job is a sysadmin’s nightmare. Such a nightmare that he’ll do anything to find another job—including run away to space!

Delivery Boy

All work and no play makes Allard a dull boy. He’s been on the good ship Mary Sue for a month, and he's having a bad day, which is turning into a bad evening as the job refuses to be done. Then Vaughan interrupts with a completely irrelevant query to do with shipboard social dynamics...

“It started with a polite ‘no’ and she asked me to expand on it,” Allard said.

“Dear me, you do have exacting requirements,” Vaughan murmured. “What would your Ideal Lover be like, as a matter of interest?”

Allard, without turning round, snapped, “Dynamite sex, no conversation, and turns into a pizza afterwards. With extra-strong coffee.”

“All right, all right, I can take a hint,” Vaughan murmured. “Good night, Allard.”

Special Delivery

Allard has been hearing (but not listening to) Vaughan's preaching on the subject of equality for all men. Now Vaughan offers him proof that this applies in bed as well as out.

Local Manners

Allard and Vaughan discover that when work is tough it's fun to head for the nearest haystack. Meanwhile, Harry, the World's Timidest Voyeur, feels nervous...


Allard tells the users that downloading pornography is perfectly fine, it's the viruses you have to watch out for. Meanwhile, he and Vaughan (and Harry, at a discreet distance) get inspired by storytelling.

Be Careful What You Wish For

Allard is earning his keep installing a long-distance comms link. Boys being boys, it's obvious what sort of files one uses to test whether the link is working. When it is working, Allard and Vaughan break several speed records getting back to the bedroom.

Artificial Stupidity

In our previous exciting episode, Vaughan wished for a cutting-edge computer. He is now going to learn why that was a bad idea.

He also discovers how much fun Allard can have with his clothes on, which isn't as clean as it sounds.

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