Reviews of The Syndicate: Volume 2

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The Syndicate: Volume 2

Published by Loose Id
ISBN: 1-59632-035-4

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Coffee Time Romance:   5 cups from Keely Skillman

Fabulously entertaining while satisfyingly stimulating!... The scathing repartee is perfect! I never really expected to laugh my head off while being titillated, but Jules Jones and Alex Woolgrave pull it off fantastically.

Full review at Coffee Time Romance.

Just Erotic Romance Reviews:   5 stars and heat rating H from Michelle Naumann

What is it about watching Karen drool over her weapons that is so arousing? Maybe because Allard knows that Karen probably loves her bombs and grenades more than she does sex? Of course, Vaughn adores watching Allard watch Karen, as he knows it guarantees him a bout of hot, bone-melting sex.

Rejoin Allard and Vaughn in exploring the boundaries of their relationship. Allard still has not lost his biting sarcastic turn of phrase. Vaughn is still the same laid back, slightly insecure character, who can be tempted into sex by spotting Allard bending over. The sex is still as kinky and mind-blowing as before.

In Volume 2, the relationship between Allard and Vaughn has deepened and they feel more comfortable exploring their fantasies, even if it involves BDSM or threesomes. There is far more emotion in this book. Both characters have grown and are no longer just in it for sex. There are ups and downs (pun intended) as with any relationship and you get to experience them along with the characters.

I cringed with Allard and Vaughn over Mark the Computer's, or more correctly Artificial Intelligence, escapades. This AI certainly manages to stir up trouble, no matter what he does. The rest of the crew from Volume 1 also make their appearance with all the usual amount of noise and double entendres.

I strongly suggest you read The Syndicate: Volume 1 before reading this book. It will make this one more rewarding. Messrs. Jones and Woolgrave have continued the witty dialog and good characterization that made the first book so enjoyable. If anything, this one has surpassed it on all fronts. My heart sank when I read the words 'To Be Continued'. I don't want to wait; I want Volume 3 now!

Enchanted In Romance:   Reviewed by Natalie

In this sequel to The Syndicate, Jules Jones and Alex Woolgrave out do themselves. Allard and Vaughan continue their hilarious romps through the universe with the rest of the crew of the syndicalists. This time though, they have to deal with the problems caused by their young 'son' Mark as well as their deepening feelings toward one another.

Allard and Vaughan have been together for almost a year and are very comfortable with one another. Vaughan helps Allard to explore his submissive side with indulging in games. As they try new things they discover than they have even more in common that just great sex.

As they draw closer to their one-year anniversary the two of them begin to realize how much they care for one another. When they add a third person into the equation it forces them to think about how they see their relationship and where it might be going.

This book has so many elements that make it appealing that it is hard just to pick one. The dialogue is beyond witty. I have never laughed so hard before while reading an erotic book. Jules Jones and Alex Woolgrave have a wonderful sense of humor that make the pages fly by. Allard and Vaughan are absolutely endearing as a couple and their gruffness is followed in equal measure by a gentleness that everyone can relate to. Never have I enjoyed an erotic novel so much. Looking forward to their next one...

In The Library:   8.5/9 gargoyles from Lisa Lambrecht

"This story is just as wonderful as Volume 1. The relationship between the crew members strengthens. The sex is out of this world and most importantly, the story will keep you entertained and keep you "hot" for a long time to come. A GREAT story!"

Full review at In The Library.

Fallen Angel Reviews:   3 angels from Julia

The whole crew has a set of eccentric characteristics that make you laugh out loud at times... If you want something a little out of the ordinary, The Syndicate: Volume 2.

Full review at Fallen Angel Reviews.

Advance Reader Quotes for Volume 1

Tech lovers everywhere will devour Jules Jones and Alex Woolgrave's witty new series The Syndicate. Like Evanovich in space, Allard and Vaughan banter and wisecrack their way through this sexy, clever futuristic.

-- Stephanie Vaughan, author of Dead Man's Party

First and foremost, I love this story! A warning to all readers: Do not eat or drink anything while actually reading. Stop. Ingest. Return to reading. Have the toys handy. I laughed, squirmed, and gave it my ultimate accolade: I ran to tell my friends. Alex and Jules deserve applause (and pots of money) for a well-written tale with sly humor and believeable characters. More, I say! More!

-- Lena Austin, author of Black Widow

Deliciously sexy, sarcastically funny and surprisingly sweet... A wonderful futuristic romp!

-- Morgan Hawke,

The Syndicate combines wicked humor with... well, more wicked humor, then adds some wicked sex and throws in a little futuristic fun to top things off. Did I say top? The Syndicate talks about that, too. I snickered throughout the book and enjoyed each page.

-- Treva Harte, author of Every Good Boy Deserves Favor

Vaughn and Allard are too much! A snippy, snooty computer nerd and a hotty engineer find themselves falling for each other in this sharp, funny tongue-in-cheek story of a ship of misfits that always manage to get the job done. Trust me, folks, the number behind the name will have you clapping for joy. More is on the way! Great writing and hot sex! What more could you ask for?

-- Camille Anthony, author of Werewulf Journals 1: Wild in the City

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