Reviews of The Syndicate: Volume 1

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The Syndicate 1

Published by Loose Id
ISBN: 1-59632-034-6

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Coffee Time Romance:   5 cups from Anya Khan

THE SYNDICATE 1 is an absolutely excellent futuristic story of lust becoming love, and of two people willing to drop their protective barriers to love openly and unselfishly... I regretted that it had to end, and am so glad I got to review THE SYNDICATE 1. I am looking forward to the next volume in this series.

Full review at Coffee Time Romance.

Just Erotic Romance Reviews:   4 stars and heat rating H from Michelle Naumann

'Yet another technically inept user' thinks Allard as he plugs the cable back into the monitor. Typical dead-end job for a personality challenged system administrator. Just as he reaches for his coffee, the phone rings. Allard growls a greeting, ensuring awe from the technophobe on the other end. Damn, this job is boring. Is there nothing better in the job ads? One looked promising, but what is this about a syndicate ship? Deciding he has nothing to lose, Allard sets off for an interview with the ship's captain.

The first thought that came to my mind after finishing The Syndicate: Volume 1 was 'a rollicking romp through space'. The crewmembers of the syndicate ship 'Mary Sue' all have their own unique personality quirks. Add to this a cynical sysadmin and you have a wickedly good read. Allard, the sysadmin, does not believe in long term commitments, but Vaughan, the ship's captain is determined to change his view. Vaughan is laid back and relaxed; Allard is abrasive and generally thinks he is superior to the world. And how Vaughan enjoys taking him down a peg or two, whether by tying him up during sex or just delivering pizza, a gag and the promise of hot sex. Sexual innuendos litter every conversation. Add to that a shipmate who's a sneaky voyeur, various toys and some mild bondage and you have sexual encounters all over the ship.

Add to this the engrossing story and the little hook at the end that makes you reach for the next book at once. Maybe it's the techno geek in me that made me devour every word. I prefer to think that it's because of the good characterization, witty dialog and engaging story. I'm off to haunt the Loose Id website to wait for Syndicate Volume 2.

Romance Reviews Today:   Reviewed by Sinclair Reid

The story is fast-paced and the characters interesting to say the least... Amusing characters, humor, and delicious sex are all present. For a very interesting change of pace, try THE SYNDICATE: Volume 1.

Full review at Romance Reviews Today.

In The Library:   8.5/9 gargoyles from Lisa Lambrecht

"THE SYNDICATE: VOLUME 1 is a wonderful romance story with lovable, quirky characters, witty dialog, and a sweet but hot romance. This was very well written and the story flows very well. Very enjoyable and highly recommended."

Full review at In The Library.

The Romance Review Spot:   Four hearts from Paula Beaty

HOT! I'm speechless. The story was great, the sex was hotter than hot and it left me wanting more...more...more. I can't wait to read more about this ship, filled with voyers and love sick shipmates. FOUR hearts all the way!

Full review at The Romance Review Spot.

ParaNormal Romance Reviews:   Reviewed by Chere Gruver

THE SYNDICATE: VOLUME 1 is a hilariously funny story! Jules Jones and Alex Woolgrave have done a wonderful job of writing a futuristic story filled with all kinds of weird and zany characters... If you're in the mood for a good laugh, don't miss this one!

Full review at ParaNormal Romance Reviews

Fallen Angel Reviews:   4 angels from Johnna

"This quirky, fun-filled, highly erotic tale was an outside-the-norm book selection for me of which I am extremely glad I made. Now it is on to volume II, as soon as I can go!"

Full review at Fallen Angel Reviews.

The Romance Studio:   3.5 hearts from Julia

Overall, it's a great story with plenty of action to keep you entertained. If you are looking for something that's a little different, give this one a try.

Full review at The Romance Studio (you'll need to use the search facility).

Advance Reader Quotes

Tech lovers everywhere will devour Jules Jones and Alex Woolgrave's witty new series The Syndicate. Like Evanovich in space, Allard and Vaughan banter and wisecrack their way through this sexy, clever futuristic.

-- Stephanie Vaughan, author of Dead Man's Party

First and foremost, I love this story! A warning to all readers: Do not eat or drink anything while actually reading. Stop. Ingest. Return to reading. Have the toys handy. I laughed, squirmed, and gave it my ultimate accolade: I ran to tell my friends. Alex and Jules deserve applause (and pots of money) for a well-written tale with sly humor and believeable characters. More, I say! More!

-- Lena Austin, author of Black Widow

Deliciously sexy, sarcastically funny and surprisingly sweet... A wonderful futuristic romp!

-- Morgan Hawke,

The Syndicate combines wicked humor with--well, more wicked humor, then adds some wicked sex and throws in a little futuristic fun to top things off. Did I say top? The Syndicate talks about that, too. I snickered throughout the book and enjoyed each page.

-- Treva Harte, author of Every Good Boy Deserves Favor

Vaughn and Allard are too much! A snippy, snooty computer nerd and a hotty engineer find themselves falling for each other in this sharp, funny tongue-in-cheek story of a ship of misfits that always manage to get the job done. Trust me, folks, the number behind the name will have you clapping for joy. More is on the way! Great writing and hot sex! What more could you ask for?

-- Camille Anthony, author of Werewulf Journals 1: Wild in the City

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