You can reach me at my gmail account


My blog was at LiveJournal and then Dreamwidth for a very long time, and copying everything over to here would be Too Much Work. The blog is still based at Dreamwidth and you can find older posts there, but now I’m mirroring posts to here. You can comment at either site.

If you’d prefer something that’s occasional announcements rather than daily wibble, try my book blog on WordPress.


I’m bookfetishist on Twitter.

For those who prefer mailing lists, I have an announcements-only yahoogroup plus a chat yahoogroup. You can subscribe either through the Yahoo website for the list, or by sending an email to the subscribe address. or or

If you’re interested in seeing what I read, I’m on LibraryThing, though my account there covers only a portion of my book collection. I’ve also got an account on GoodReads.

My Authorgraph account, should you wish to request an electronic autograph.

My alter ego is Storm Duffy.