You can reach me at my gmail account


My main blog is currently on DreamWidth if people want to chat. (The LiveJournal version is going dark, because I don’t like the T&C that came in at the end of 2015.)  Anonymous commenting is usually enabled, although I may have to block or screen anonymous comments on occasion. I hate spammers, but I don’t have the time these days to take off and nuke the site from orbit just to be certain.

If you’d prefer something that’s occasional announcements rather than daily wibble, try my book blog on WordPress.


I’m bookfetishist on Twitter, although I can go for weeks without saying anything there.

For those who prefer mailing lists, I have an announcements-only yahoogroup plus a chat yahoogroup. You can subscribe either through the Yahoo website for the list, or by sending an email to the subscribe address. or or

If you’re interested in seeing what I read, I’m on LibraryThing, though my account there covers only a portion of my book collection. I’ve also got an account on GoodReads.

My Authorgraph account, should you wish to request an electronic autograph.