You can reach me at my gmail account


My main blog is currently on LiveJournal if people want to chat. There’s also a mirror at DreamWidth. Both versions usually have anonymous commenting enabled, although I may have to block or screen anonymous comments on occasion (usually when there’s a bad spam attack).

If you’d prefer something that’s occasional announcements rather than daily wibble, try my book blog on WordPress.


I’m bookfetishist on Twitter, although I can go for weeks without saying anything there.

For those who prefer mailing lists, I have an announcements-only yahoogroup plus a chat yahoogroup. You can subscribe either through the Yahoo website for the list, or by sending an email to the subscribe address. or or

If you’re interested in seeing what I read, I’m on LibraryThing, though my account there covers only a portion of my book collection. I’ve also got an account on GoodReads.

My Authorgraph account, should you wish to request an electronic autograph.