Reviews of The Syndicate: Volume 3

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The Syndicate: Volume 3

Published by Loose Id
ISBN: 1-59632-036-2

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Coffee Time Romance:   5 cups from Keely Skillman

Absolutely smashing! I expected this one to be a truly rowdy romp with little seriousness. Well it was definitely a rowdy romp involving most of the crew in one way or another. However, the serious and special nature of a marriage bond slipped in on Alliard and Vaughn out of the blue and turned into a thing of beauty that brought tears to my eyes. Again, all the supporting characters added to the story and its entertainment value. The witty dialog kept me in stitches! Jules Jones and Alex Woolgrave have created another fantastically entertaining and wonderfully stimulating read. Reading one of their books appears to be a whole-body experience as it brings out laughter, tears and squirming.

Full review at Coffee Time Romance.

Just Erotic Romance Reviews 4 stars and heat rating H from Susan White:

Allard and Vaughan are two men who met through work and fell in love. Now they are getting married. The men are part of The Syndicate, a group of individuals who live and work together aboard a space ship. Their friends and coworkers are more like a family to them and assist them in preparing for their upcoming nuptials.

The Syndicate Volume 3 is a great story and is very different from most mainstream romances. The book is filled with humor and a dry wit that is very refreshing to see. The story also has many intricate characters and the interaction between these characters is very complex. All of them are well rounded and very interesting to read about, including the families of both men, which are fascinating. The actions and words of all of the supporting characters show the depth of feeling they have for Allard and Vaughan. The relationship between the two men progresses at a realistic pace and is very intriguing. The love scenes are detailed and very hot. This may not be the book for anyone offended by same sex love scenes but I enjoyed them greatly. I found them to be very erotic and enthralling. The futuristic setting is very well described and appropriate to the storyline.

Mr. Jones and Mr. Woolgrave are very talented authors. Their creativity and skill make The Syndicate Volume 3 a story that grabbed my attention and kept me enthralled until I had finished the book. I am most definitely hoping to read more books by them in the future.

The Novel Spot:   4 quills from Catherine H:

Everything old is new again as Allard and Vaughan wed in a traditional wedding that is funny, sexy, and touching. The writing team of Jules Jones and Alex Woolgrave definitely do not need to give up this series yet.

Full review at The Novel Spot.

Fallen Angel Reviews 4 angels from Johnna will find a honest caring relationship full of fun, humor and a little bit of kinkiness which is a pleasure to watch unfold. It was especially fun to watch Allard come to the conclusion that at last he has found a place he belongs with people he cares for after years of distancing himself from his coworkers and walking out on job after job.

Full review at Fallen Angel Reviews.

In The Library:   8.5/9 gargoyles from Lisa Lambrecht

"This is definitely a keep on my shelf. Big kudos to authors Jules Jones and Alex Woolgrave for writing a very memorable and heart stopping tale."

Full review at In The Library.

Enchanted In Romance:   Reviewed by Natalie

Allard has just made one of the biggest decisions of his life. He's agreed to get married to Vaughan. Now he has to learn how to get along with in-laws and learn a whole set of social skills. Getting along with the crew was one thing this is another.

Vaughan is happier than he has ever been in his life. Knowing that Allard loves him in return has made his kinky side even more pronounced. If they can just get through the next couple of the weeks until the wedding everything will be ok.

They are more than just a cute couple. Now that they decided that they want to get married a whole new host of problems have cropped up. With a son just learning manners and friends that are enjoying the show, the wedding promises to be a circus.

Jules Jones and Alex Woolgrave brings the love story of Allard and Vaughan full circle in the third installment of the Syndicate series. The same sense of humor than ran rampant in the first two is still there. The result is a story that is funny and touching with some funny touching by the other crewmembers going on as well. If you've read the others, don't stop until you have finished the third.

Advance Reader Quotes for Volume 1

Tech lovers everywhere will devour Jules Jones and Alex Woolgrave's witty new series The Syndicate. Like Evanovich in space, Allard and Vaughan banter and wisecrack their way through this sexy, clever futuristic.

-- Stephanie Vaughan, author of Dead Man's Party

First and foremost, I love this story! A warning to all readers: Do not eat or drink anything while actually reading. Stop. Ingest. Return to reading. Have the toys handy. I laughed, squirmed, and gave it my ultimate accolade: I ran to tell my friends. Alex and Jules deserve applause (and pots of money) for a well-written tale with sly humor and believeable characters. More, I say! More!

-- Lena Austin, author of Black Widow

Deliciously sexy, sarcastically funny and surprisingly sweet... A wonderful futuristic romp!

-- Morgan Hawke,

The Syndicate combines wicked humor with... well, more wicked humor, then adds some wicked sex and throws in a little futuristic fun to top things off. Did I say top? The Syndicate talks about that, too. I snickered throughout the book and enjoyed each page.

-- Treva Harte, author of Every Good Boy Deserves Favor

Vaughn and Allard are too much! A snippy, snooty computer nerd and a hotty engineer find themselves falling for each other in this sharp, funny tongue-in-cheek story of a ship of misfits that always manage to get the job done. Trust me, folks, the number behind the name will have you clapping for joy. More is on the way! Great writing and hot sex! What more could you ask for?

-- Camille Anthony, author of Werewulf Journals 1: Wild in the City

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