Reviews of Lord and Master 2: Taking Work Home

Lord and Master 2 cover art - gay romance novella

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"A fantastic yaoi type novel reflecting a slice of everyday life with all its trials and tribulations including family interference." -- jhayboy, 5/5

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Fallen Angel Reviews

"The love and devotion shown between Mark and Steven is evident in their every day life and each time they are intimate. I hope that this isnít the end of their story." -- Teresa, 5/5

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Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"I absolutely LOVED this book... As soon as I finished Taking Work Home, I got a copy of Lord and Master to read how it all started." -- Marcy Arbitman, 5/5

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"Ms. Jones does an amazing job of providing characters that are imperfect in ways that just make reading their story that much more delightful." -- Keely Skillman, 5/5

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Elisa Rolle

"If you fancy a silver romance, Taking Work Home is really a good choice, even if now I'm waiting to read of their marriage and of all the organization before it."

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Literary Nymphs

"This is a wonderful novel for those who have fantasies of a boss, his desk, and a view of the city as their backdrop." -- Scandalous Minx, 4/5

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"Jules has breathed life into her unique and memorable characters in this slice-of-life, heartwarming story."

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"The writing is clean, though workmanlike, the characters are engaging and attractive, and the love story between them is appealing." -- Ann Somerville

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