An erotic excerpt from Lord and Master 2: Taking Work Home

Steven's so stressed by Leonard's behaviour that he can't control his anger, and Mark takes him back to their hotel room to give him a chance to recover. There's one obvious way to burn off an excess of nervous energy, though the treatment may need to be applied more than once...

Steven kissed Mark's neck again, then loosened his hold. Mark rolled onto his back and ran his hands over Steven's chest as Steven leaned over him to reach for the condoms. Steven might be getting older, but he was still in damned good shape. And forty-six wasn't exactly old anyway. "I should take a photo of you naked to show to the next person who wants to know what I see in you."

"You can be very shallow sometimes. Thank God." Steven dropped the condom on Mark's chest, propping himself up on one arm to look down at Mark. "Here. You can put it on me."

Mark tore the foil open and rolled the condom over Steven's cock. He concentrated on what he was doing, but still felt Steven's hand stroking the base of his neck, fingertips running along the fine gold chain he was wearing. New, that was, part of his Christmas present from Steven. As he finished what he was doing and looked up at Steven's face, Steven smiled down at him.

"I still want to buy you diamonds, but I'm glad you like this."

"I'm still not quite used to wearing it. But I'd rather have it than the public display. Something private, that only you get to see."

The sudden softness in Steven's expression made him realise that he'd said exactly the right thing, that this was why Steven had bought it for him.

But what Steven said was, "Hell, I want you. Spread."

Mark did just that as Steven shifted position a little, running his hand down Mark's chest, reaching to take Mark's cock in a firm grip. Not that there was much of a handful for Steven to hold yet. Mark could feel his cock hardening fast, but he still wasn't quite up.

Steven raised an eyebrow at him. "You had a wank while I was asleep?"

"No. But you were asleep for over an hour. It lost interest after a while."

"But you're not even ready yet…"

He shrugged. "You needed a fuck."

Steven looked stricken. "Dear God, you'd let me do anything to you, wouldn't you?"

He reached up to cup Steven's face between his hands. "No. I love you. So I won't let you do anything you'll regret later." He let go and laid one hand over Steven's where it was wrapped around his cock. "I want you to fuck me. I want to feel you in me. I want you to make me hard by doing that. And I want to hold you while you do it."

Steven moved suddenly, sliding on top of him, shoving his thighs wider apart, lying between them. Mark pulled his legs up, giving Steven free access, and Steven shoved right in. No lube, no foreplay, none needed. He was well prepared from earlier, and the feel of Steven against him, in him, was all he wanted. He got exactly what he'd asked for, as Steven's cock filled him and his own stiffened in response. Steven's cock in his body, Steven's body filling his arms. This time he had no trouble catching up with Steven's frantic desire.

This was just as much of a fast, hard fuck as the last time, no careful touches here and there to make him writhe with pleasure. But this time he could see the way Steven was looking at him, utterly focused on his face even though there were no words for him, just the relentless thrusting and Steven's fingers digging into his shoulders as if he'd never let go.

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