An erotic excerpt from Buildup: Pulling Strings

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It was much better standing up. He had far more of himself pressed tightly against Nick now. And now he had pressure on his own cock, while he could feel the full length of Nick's cock pressed against him. Only one layer of cloth between his chest and Nick's, and that could be remedied quickly enough. But that could wait for a moment, while he simply enjoyed the feel of Nick holding him.

Then Nick picked him up, carried him over to the bed, and threw him onto it. A little too gently to be entirely convincing, but Justin appreciated both the playing out of his fantasy and the recognition that it was only a fantasy.

Nick climbed onto the bed next to him, and started undoing his trousers without so much as a by-your-leave. And yet Justin knew that Nick would stop if asked. There was still that thin edge of control there, Nick's refusal to simply let go and do something he might regret later.

Justin thought he might very well be able to break that control, if he was willing to try. But he also knew that Nick was worried about hurting him, and with good reason. So he contented himself with undoing the buttons on Nick's shirt, not even making a sexual game out of it, just undoing the buttons quickly and efficiently.

Nick smiled down at him. "Being sensible?"

"You can rip my clothes off my quivering body some other time. When I've thought to bring something to wear afterwards."

"You have very practical fantasies."

Though mention of the fantasy seemed to have spurred Nick on. He stripped Justin very efficiently, leaving Justin naked before he himself was half undressed. Justin decided that he didn't mind this at all, especially not with the way Nick was looking over his body.

"Good mind and a good body," Nick said, grinning at him.

"I do my best. Come here, you've got too many clothes on."

Nick sat next to him so that he could attack some more of Nick's clothing. His immediate target was Nick's trousers. Was that cock really as big as it felt?

It was. Thick and long and beautifully proportioned. He gleefully measured it up with his hands. Nick was right -- a little foreplay would be a good idea.

"Pleased with it?" Nick asked.

"Mmm. You know, my original thought was to suggest that you go on the bottom." He caressed Nick's cock, enough to tantalise without being enough to push Nick too far. "It would have been a terrible waste if I had."

"You really do like big men, then."

"Big men with manners and an ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality." He let go of Nick's cock and stroked one hand down Nick's chest. "Like you."

Nick looked at him for a moment. "You prefer being on top," he finally said.

"Sometimes. Right now what I want is your cock so far up me that I don't know whether I'm on my back or my front."

That got Nick's mind back on the idea of sex, now. "On your knees, I think." Justin could see in his face how very close he was now to losing control. "That way you've got room to get away if you can't take it after all." Nick's voice dropped a little, intense now as he focused completely on Justin. "And you're in the right position for me to give you the lot if you can take it."

Justin had been intending to do whatever Nick wanted. He was still shocked at how quickly he rolled over and scrambled onto his hands and knees. Even knowing how charismatic Nick could be, he hadn't realised what it would be like to be the target of the full force of Nick's considerable powers of persuasion.

No wonder his enemies are afraid he'll seduce the voters.

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