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I write erotic fiction. Many pieces are set pre-AIDS, or in an era when sexually transmitted disease is no longer a problem. And sometimes people are just stupid. Please use a condom in real life.

You'll have to pay to read some of my fiction, but some of it's available for free to anyone with web access. That does not mean that it's public domain. It's not, so please do not redistribute it or use it elsewhere without my prior written permission. If it turns up elsewhere I won't be able to resell it to certain markets, which means I'll think twice about putting any more up. A lot of the free stuff is on this site, which is ad-free. There's also a list of my fiction available for free on webzines elsewhere -- I make no guarantees about these being free of ads and/or "register-to-read". This list includes only the pieces in reasonably long-term archives.

Fiction available for free download from this site:

Fiction available for free download elsewhere:

There are also excerpts available for some of the stories you'll have to pay for. There are links to the excerpts in the bibliography, and there's also a quick reference index page for excerpts from short stories.