An erotic excerpt from Spindrift

I wanted to make this as good as possible for him; he deserved better than a quick fumble. Whether he'd let me make it slow and good was another matter-- I could hear his breathing quickening already. He was hard, had been since he'd clung to me as if he couldn't let go. His erection strained up towards his belly, straight and solid and beautiful. But he was still inexperienced, and if he wanted to be on the bottom, I wanted him to be in a physical position where he still had some control. I had a cane armchair in the bedroom, light but sturdy. I dragged it over to the centre of the room. "Use that to lean on," I said before going back to the bedside cabinet for the K-Y. While I was getting that out, he rearranged the chair to his liking, placing it so that he could lean on the back for support -- while looking out to sea.

I said nothing, but warmed the K-Y in my hand, taking the chill off it. He still jerked as I used it on him. "Sorry," I said, "didn't mean to startle you."

"Feels different to what we use. And the village boys..."

"Just used spit." That being what was available. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. "Well, you can get away with that, but this is better."

"Mm," he agreed happily.

No sign of resistance; he obviously knew how to relax when it wasn't a hurried rush to get done before someone came by. He was squirming and pushing back onto my fingers by the time I was satisfied that he'd be all right. He wouldn't be that tight, but that could wait for another time. I was sure now that there would be another time, more than one, for however long it took to restore Niall to the sea.

I pushed away the thought of silkie women weeping for their lost home. Niall wanted this with me, tonight at least.

The flannel was handy to wipe my hands clean. More of the K-Y warmed in my hand, this time for me. Onto my cock, quickly now, though I'd done it slow and teasing as foreplay often enough. Niall wouldn't wait for that, was already wanking himself with one hand.

"All right, all right," I soothed. "I'll do you now, only I didn't want to hurt you by being careless."

"I can take it," he said. The boast of a young man eager to prove himself.

"I know. But tonight you don't have to worry about someone coming past, or sand in the wrong place, or any of the other delights of outdoor sex. I want you to enjoy it, not prove something to me." I eased myself against him, reminding myself to keep control and take it carefully to begin with. He was a little too tall for comfort, with the stance he'd taken. "Spread your feet a little."

He did as I said, gasping a little as my cockhead slid past his hole. "That's it," I said, and he pushed back against me. A little resistance, a little fumbling as I positioned myself just right, and then he opened to me, the tip of my cock sliding inside. He groaned and tried to force himself further back.

"Shh, shh, it's not a race." Though I was having trouble holding back myself. "Just relax, give yourself a minute if you need to."

He held still, then said in astonishment, "It doesn't hurt!"

"Oh, Niall." Had they been that clueless or careless, the village boys he'd experimented with? "It shouldn't hurt, not if you're doing it right. Not unless you want it to."

"I thought it was just the difference in shape."

"I think it was the difference between doing it as quickly as possible, and taking your time." I eased a little further in, feeling him warm and tight around me. I couldn't last much longer myself, for all the rude thoughts I was directing at Niall's companions in teenage experimentation. It took all the self-control I had not to just thrust into him. He was warm and willing in my arms, no virgin I needed to be careful of, but still a stranger to just how damned good this could be with someone who took the trouble to make it so. Temptation personified. So I'd make it good, make it better than anyone he'd ever had before.

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