An erotic excerpt from Spindrift 2:Ship to Shore

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A group of tourists have come to the village for the fishing-- but the fishermen whose boat they hire find that they're more interested in illegal seal hunting. The fishermen spread the word amongst the silkies and their human friends, leaving Richard and his silkie partner Niall anxious about Niall's family:

When we got home I made him go and stand under a hot shower for a bit, trying to get him to relax. Even then, he was still tense when he came back downstairs, pacing around the room rather than sitting down with me on the sofa.

I'd had enough after ten minutes of watching him picking up things, stare at them, then put them down before striding across the room to harass some other innocent object. I got up from the sofa and stood in front of him, forcing him to stop for a few seconds. "Right you, bed," I said. "I know one infallible way of getting you to calm down."

He couldn't help grinning at that. "You know me far too well."

I put my arms around him and kissed him. "I've had ample opportunity to get to know you." Then I groped inside his dressing gown. He was half hard already, though I wasn't sure how much of that was just adrenaline. "At least it will help you sleep."

He thrust into my hand, getting harder by the second. "All right."

I let go of him, and headed for the bedroom. The idea was to get him relaxed enough to sleep, so in bed was a better option than on the sofa. He followed me up the stairs, and was on me before I'd barely had time to get undressed. Pushing me onto the bed, licking and sucking at whatever bits of me he could reach. I'd been right, he'd needed something to release that excess of energy. His expression was almost savage as he kissed me frantically.

Now he was hard, no doubting it. His cock was bumping against mine, and he wasn't even deliberately thrusting against me, just trying to get as much skin in contact with me as possible. Then he pulled away from me just long enough to grab a condom from the bedside cabinet. He cursed as the packet slipped away from him when he tried to tear it open.

"Let me," I said, and took it from him. I wasn't as far gone as he was, so I could still manage the task of tearing the foil without tearing the condom inside. I shoved at him, and he sat up for long enough that I could roll it onto his cock. I didn't bother asking; it was pretty bloody obvious who was going on top tonight.

I gave him one good squeeze as I settled the condom into place, then took hold of my own cock, stroking myself as he grabbed for the K-Y. I was taking fire from his arousal, but I was still behind him, and I wanted to catch up. I spread my legs so he could reach to lube me. He was careful in spite of his haste, making sure I was comfortable. I kept wanking myself, watching him watching me, watching his arousal grow as he greedily eyed my hand and my cock. We were stroking in time, his finger inside me and my hand outside, and he kept it like that until I was bucking and thrashing on the bed.

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