An excerpt from Promises To Keep

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He looked away from me, and then I felt the fear surging through me, hair rising on the back of my neck, instincts urging me to run for the light. But fear had paralysed me. My heart hammered, and all I could think was that it would be a lovely irony if I died now of a heart attack, before he could take my blood.

Then he looked back at me, and the fear was gone. And that was what convinced me beyond all doubt. Not the fangs, and not the fear I'd felt, but his control over me.

“I'm sorry,” he said. “I didn't mean to scare you.”

“Scare me? You're a fucking vampire, and you didn't mean to scare me?”

“Well, that's the problem. At the moment, I'm not a fucking vampire.” He caressed my hand where it still lay along his throat. “And I was rather hoping to be one shortly. Do you still want to fuck?”

“Do I get a choice?”

He nodded. “I've only calmed you. You still have free will. I'll walk you to your door and then leave, if that's what you want.”

It wasn't. A mature mind in a young body was a tempting combination. As for what he was  --  well, I was willing to take the chance. A chance to walk on the wild side, the danger a thrill rather than a threat. And even if my cock could turn him away, my curiosity couldn't. “Are you going to eat me?”

“Only with your permission. Whichever way you meant that.”

I was still shivering --  with cold, with a little fear, with the thrill of thinking of those fangs next to my cock. But mostly with cold. “I think we'd better go.”

He let go of me, stepped away. Then he took off the gown and draped it over my shoulders. I wrapped it around me, glad of the warmth. He put an arm around me, saying, “Better get you inside.”

“Don't you feel the cold?”

“Not until it gets a lot colder than this. I could walk naked in this weather, if I didn't care about getting arrested.”

What would he look like naked? No need to imagine it; I'd soon find out.

We walked in silence, me bundled up, him with one arm around me. Almost protectively, I thought. He kept holding me as we walked into my flat.

“Don't you need my permission?” I asked.

He let go of me. “No. But I don't stay where I'm not welcome. It's bad manners.” He drew the academic gown off me, draped it over his arm. “I'll go, if you want.”

Here in the light and warmth of my flat, it seemed unreal again. No such thing as vampires. But the memory of that moment on the path stayed with me. The fear, and the desire. And his concern for me. “Stay with me.”

His expression softened. “Thank you.”

Then he was holding me, kissing me, hands rubbing at my back. I grabbed at him, wanting to feel the reality of him. Exploring his body with my hands, and his mouth with my tongue. The fangs were real; I hadn't imagined them. He gasped as I licked at them. Damn if they weren't an erogenous zone for him. I stopped kissing him, and brushed one tooth with a finger -- what would have been light, teasing pressure if it had been his cock.

“Bed,” he said, grinding his cock against me.

Sod the pre-coital conversation. I'd take just the body and be happy. We made it to the bedroom somehow, tearing at each other's clothes on the way. He wasn't faking it; he really was turned on by middle-aged computer science lecturers. I had a handful of hard cock by the time we tumbled onto the bed.

A handful of hard cock, and an armful of hard muscle. He really did have a splendid body, the muscles of regular exercise under unblemished skin. I ran my hand over that skin, feeling it. He certainly felt human. Warm and alive. I stared up at him.

He stared back down. “What's wrong?”

“I expected…well, I don't know what I expected, but not that it would be so normal…”

Wry grin. “Maybe I leaned on you too hard with the ‘don't panic' message. But I fuck like anyone else.”

I wasn't afraid of him any more, not even under the imposed blanket of calm. “You feel like anyone else.”

“We can enumerate the differences between fact and legend later. Right now, I want to fuck you.” He sat up and shifted down the bed, dragging my shoes off with no thought for the laces. Then he scrambled off me and shed the last of his clothes. I was slower to strip, feeling mildly embarrassed about my middle-aged body, but he didn't seem to mind. He pounced on me, kissing me, then licking and sucking his way down my neck.

I braced myself, but he kept on going. No bite to my throat, not even a playful nip as any lover might do. He explored my chest, taking things slowly, for all his forcefulness. I lay back and let it happen, contenting myself with running my hands over his sleek cap of dark hair. He might look young, but he'd learnt patience, the skill of foreplay, and I was happy to enjoy it.

Then he'd worked his way down to my groin. Still slow, patient, he kissed and fondled my thighs, one hand cupping my balls. Now I was the one showing impatience, grabbing at his head, wanting his mouth on my cock.

He obliged, taking half of me in without bothering to tease first. Just good, hard sucking, one hand still on my balls, the other squeezing whatever part of my cock he didn't have in his mouth. And then I did feel the difference it makes with a vampire, as he pulled off a little, running the side of a fang along my cock.

Back on, and then off again, this time the other fang and the other side of my cock. I remembered how he'd reacted as I'd touched his fangs, and stopped worrying about this being one-sided. He was enjoying this as much as I was. It was frottage and fellatio, all in one.

In fact… I slid my hand ‘round, feeling the soft skin of his cheek, then working a fingertip to touch his fang. He jumped, growling, and I wondered if I'd gone too far. Then he pulled off my cock, and flung himself headlong against me. Fingers digging into me, thrusting against me, fucking my mouth with his tongue. I grabbed at his arse, pulling him hard against me.

He pulled away from my mouth, looked down at me, his expression desperate. And something changed -- he'd stopped doing whatever he'd been doing to keep me from being frightened. But I didn't need it any more.

“May I?” he asked.

I knew what he was asking, and that he'd given me a free choice. I nodded.

© Jules Jones, October 2004
All Rights Reserved

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