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Published by Loose Id
ISBN: 1-59632-135-0

Just Erotic Romance Reviews

5 stars and heat rating S from Michelle Naumann, reviewing for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"...a wonderfully rich tapestry of human emotions. Ms. Jones has penned a novel where I empathized with almost every situation... Ms. Jones explores the myth of the selkie, puts her own unique spin on it and has penned another winner in my book."

Full review in JERR newsletter 55.

Joyfully Reviewed

Reviewed by Annabelle Andrews.

"Spindrift is a touching love story that will leave you wishing for more. ... The fishing village, the assortment of villagers, Richard and Niall were all so well-written that they came alive to me, and at book's end I was sad to see them go. Spindrift is my favorite Jules Jones book to date, and I am looking forward to more from this author!"

Full review in Joyfully Reviewed Yahoo archive.

Enchanted In Romance

4 unicorns from Anita.

"The relationship is believable and I couldn't wait to find out how things would turn out. Jules Jones knows how to write a wonderful story with very erotic scenes!"

Independent Review -- Candy

4 stars from Candy, reviewer of ebooks.

Loud voices on the beach of a small fishing village announce that a fight is about to break out between the old village fishermen and a younger fisherman with a chip on his shoulder. A young writer rushes to try to help rescue the old men, never dreaming he was about to come face-to-face with a myth brought to life.

Richard Dunn is a writer. He fought hard to gain the respect of the locals. The old salts even accept the fact that he is gay. He discovered the village while researching a book about sailors. The fight on the beach shatters his peaceful world. The old fishermen are defending a handsome young man who sits naked in the sand. Before he can protest, he finds himself the official protector of the handsome stranger. The young man stirs his blood, but he is determined to behave and not add to the torment of the young man.

Niall is a creature of legend. He is a silkie. By removing his skin he transforms from a seal into human form. While on shore with his sister, someone took Niall's skin and refuses to give it back. Without his skin he cannot return to the sea. The old fishermen know the culprit and try to force him to give it back. The thief refuses. He will return Niall's skin when the silkie's sister gives herself to him. Niall refuses and he fears he will never see his family again. The other fishermen plan to help him get his skin back. In the mean time, Niall needs a place to live. Richard Dunn is independently wealthy and can afford to take in Niall. No one would think twice about a strange young man living in the house of a gay man. The strong attraction between Niall and Richard surprises both men.

Jules Jones weaves old world charm and myth into a story of love and loss. Richard knows what Niall is and knows that as soon as he gets his skin back he will return to the sea. Until that time, Richard and Niall explore the deep feelings they have for each other. This is a book full of joy and sadness. The relationship between Richard and Niall is beautifully developed by the author. I enjoyed this book and look forward to the next chapter in this story.

Candy has reviewed books for a number of sites. This review hasn't been published yet, but Candy was kind enough to give me permission to use it.

Independent Review -- Ciar Cullen

5 swords from Ciar Cullen.

I just read Spindrift in a one-afternoon sitting. A bunch of firsts for me--m/m, first person, silkie love LOL. I really couldn't put this one down! I won't recount the plot much except to say that a very vulnerable, beautiful silkie male is homeless, somewhat helpless, and in need of acceptance on so many levels. And the man who takes him in needs acceptance perhaps moreso. Richard not only cares for Niall but comes to accept him fully for all the wonderful things he is--a silkie, intelligent, gorgeous, sexy, complicated, needy and at the same time independent...and a legend come to life. Richard, a writer interested in the old legends, certainly hits paydirt with Niall. But if Niall gets his stolen seal skin back, will a few months of friendship and lovemaking be forgotten, and will he take to the sea and forget Richard and their lovely partnership?

I've read only a handful of romances written in the first person that I enjoyed, and this one certainly is very high on the list. Jules has THE MOST NATURAL, EASY, BELIEVABLE style! I fell into the character of Richard, feeling what he felt (well, okay, I don't have a penis, but I could imagine...), longing for Niall, desperately hoping for a HEA. I cared, really cared! And the book was hot, super hot, without kink or any convoluted contrived couplings. Just two people enjoying themselves and falling in love.

This book was especially wonderful for me as an American who's been to Edinburgh, been fascinated by the lure of romantic small fishing villages--I really believed the setting, the locals, the voice of the whole book. If you don't end up wanting to snuggle in to Richard's cottage yourself, then you're simply dead...

I'm so impressed with Jules' writing, can you tell? They always say a master makes something look easy, and Jules did just that. I felt as if I stepped into a slice of real life, no question. And did I say it's about a Silkie? I mean, I bought the whole story, lock, stock, and barrel, without an arched brow, without a second's hesitation.

I LOVED THIS STORY! 5 swords from Ciar Cullen!

Over the years Ciar has reviewed many books under another name for several review sites. She's not doing formal reviews at the moment, but she's still doing the occasional "Buy this book!" for her author's loop. :-) She's given me permission to use this review here.

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