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Buildup: Mindscan

Published by Loose Id
ISBN: 1-59632-071-0

Just Erotic Romance Reviews

5 stars and heat rating H from Anya Khan, reviewing for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

Buildup: Mindscan has a creative look at the future, with characters running the gamut from compassion to cruelty. Some of the Protectorate's behavior is scary, but written with such unique style readers are immediately engrossed. The Union's support of Frampton is believable and logical. Another well written facet of the book is how Mr. Jones updated current day "Navy-town" attitudes into the future. This was very creative and well done. Reeve's and Frampton's relationship is sexy and supportive, and the type of relationship most readers want. A lot of this is due to how compelling Reeve's character is described. His desire for Frampton is charming and romantic with no doubt that Reeve is the dominant man in the story. I was impressed with how well Mr. Jones wrote the sex: from the voyeuristic, to the tender, and finally the driven and possessive. Jules Jones writes in an unusual style I admire and is one of the few who can write a sex scene that is gracious yet close to hard core at the same time. The interesting storyline, the endearing characters, and really great sex make Mindscan my new favorite by Mr. Jones and one I openly recommend.

Full review in issue 47 of the JERR newsletter.

Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4 stars and heat rating O from Susan White, reviewing for Just Erotic Romance Reviews

"...Reeve and Frampton are intriguing characters with fascinating personalities. Their relationship develops at a steady and realistic pace. The sex scenes are smoking hot and left me needing a cold shower. The emotional bond that develops between the two men is heartwarming. The setting is nicely described and appropriate to the futuristic storyline. The plotline is interesting and kept me fascinated until the end of the book. Mr. Jones is a talented author who has written a futuristic tale of love and lust between two members of the same sex that I enjoyed greatly. Buildup: Mindscan is a wonderful book that is most definitely a keeper!"

Full review in issue 47 of the JERR newsletter.

Coffee Time Romance

4 cups from Candy reviewing for Coffee Time Romance

"...Jules Jones writes a story of two men who help each other come to terms with the demons that torment them. The sex in the leather bar scenes is graphic and the emotions are raw, making the book is dark and intense. I enjoyed the book because it grips the reader and does not let go until the last page. I hope to read more books by this author."

Full review at Coffee Time Romance

Fallen Angel Reviews

4 angels from Michelle reviewing for Fallen Angel Reviews.

"...Jules Jones really captures the mood of her characters, making their emotions almost come off the page at readers. The author explores the extent of Frampton's submissiveness, the varied kinky scenes that set him off, and Reeve's sexuality in a very erotic and poignant way... Buildup: Mindscan is a sensual and fantasy-filled peek into the healing that friendship and compassion can bring."

Full review at Fallen Angel Reviews.


4 flags from Annie reviewing for Euro-Reviews.

"This book is fast-paced, and to this reviewer, a can't-stop-reading-till-I-finish and a reread."

Full review at Euro-Reviews.

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